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About me

My name is… unimportant. I am one of 7 billions humans living on this planet. I am one of 7 billions names. The more important are values and beliefs. So let me summarize them for You:

  1. Conservative

    I am conservative. And not right-winged like todays parties and politicians. I am conservative as WInston Churchill was. I am conservatove as parliament monarchy can be (e.g. Austrian-Hungarian at last decades of 19th century). I am totally after critical approach, scientific analysis, capitalism (in its Weber’s vision – with protestant ethics behind). I stand there, where individual rights are more important and more valuable than common ones. And I am totally against revolutions, socialism, populism, or any other “-ism” or “-ity” You got in mind.

  2. Deist

    There is a God. This is my trus. I cannot imagine Big Bang without inteligent design behind. I cannot imagine such complex entity as universe without intelligent creator. But I won’t expect the God to be as involved as Christians, Jews or Muslim would like him/her to be. I have great respect for all religions, but thier dogmats for me make the God looks more stupid than humans are. So – I am deist – person beliving in inteligent divine entity – called God – bottom line. No prophets, no messiahs, no saints.

  3. Subjective

    Of course I cannot be objective. I am single person – therefore all of my thoughts are personal, therefore subjective. I assume You won’t agree with all of them. But frankly speaking – I don’t care. For me it is fine to differ. Diversity is our strength as humans. Plus – I am conservatist. Look what all systems trying to unify humans did to us: nazis, commies, Red Khmers…

  4. Critical thinker

    Critical approach, questioning dogmats is essentual for me. Asking questions and looking for answers is the main social skill developed by humans. Therefore I would not believe in anything basing just on statement. Get used to it. If You will comment my posts with some bullshit You believe in, but have no evidence for – You will be challenged, pointed at, and most probably laughten at. If I can, You can too. Ask questions, provide answers, be critical. Not against anything, but critical.

  5. Analytical

    It wouldn’t work without being critical. Critical approach leads to analysis. And analysis leads to answer. Answer is a wisdom we are looking for. Sounds like Monty Python line? Well, maybe… But it is still a lot better than trust in 2000 years old zombie, to come and save our souls, that was walking on the water, died and revived, calling for poverty, which followers built the most rich imperium in the history. I prefer Monty Python than lousy stories for children.

  6. Reasonable

    At least I am trying to be…

  7. Honest

    … sometimes too honest. I have no political correctness skills. I like things to be polite and professional, but I am to get rid of one of these, I will get rid of politeness.

So, this is me. On daily basis, apart from blogging, I am in IT business, yachting, taking care of my family. However every day I am thinking about new challenges. There are few options: writing the book, sailing around the globe, doing anything else, that gives me power to act or fun.

Enjoy the blog and if You would like to get in touch – drop me a line.


Kayyak (A.K.A. Przemek, A.K.A PJ)